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Central Illinois Private Investigations Inc. 

P.O. Box 5086

Bloomington, IL 61702-5086



IL License No. 115.002323


Background Investigations and locating case parties is the most critical aspect to a case.  I take pride in being able to locate "hard to find individuals."  I will ensure that the background information is complete and accurate, confirming addresses and employment of the subject. 

Civil Records Search

Civil record searches reveal judgments, liens, civil suits, tax liens, bankruptcy, child support judgments, family law records including marriages and divorces and protective orders. I can also verify real estate records including deeds. I can perform Civil Record searches at the local, state and national levels. 

Criminal Records Search

Criminal record searches uncover the criminal history of an individual and will include date of arrest, case numbers, charges and dispositions.  County criminal records are available in all 50 states.  State criminal record searches are a bit more time consuming as not all states allow access to their records.  

Locating/Skip Tracing

When "locating" an individual, I will verify the subjects current address, relatives, known associates and will often provide photos through social media accounts and email addresses. 

Locate Investigations to find biological parents or children placed for adoption

Searching for birth parents or a birth child is extremely difficult without the help of an experienced private investigator due to the complexities of adoption laws and regulatory hurdles protecting birth parents and birth children.  If the decision to find a birth child or parent has been made, I will help locate the person or persons by collecting as much information as is legally allowed by the state.  As an experienced Licensed Private Investigator, I will navigate the procedural roadblocks and gain access to a variety of useful databases not available to the general public.  At the end of the investigation, if the person of interest is located, the private investigator will often serve as an intermediary to help establish contact between both parties.  It is important to note that the person being located must consent for their information to be shared. If the person being located does not grant me permission to share their information, I have a duty to protect their identity. 

Business Records Search

Business backgrounds will reveal such items as legal business name, size, type, ownership, principal officers, business locations, holdings, interests, identify assets and liabilities, suppliers, vendors, employees, gross sales, credit profiles and litigation issues.