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Central Illinois Private Investigations Inc. 

P.O. Box 5086

Bloomington, IL 61702-5086



IL License No. 115.002323


Domestic-Infidelity Investigations

Domestic-Infidelity Investigations are performed to determine if your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful.  Questioning your partner's fidelity can cause stress, anxiety and insecurity.  I will perform discreet surveillance to discover the truth and will provide you with irrefutable and undeniable proof.  While Illinois is a "no fault" state as it relates to Divorce proceedings, evidence presented in divorce proceedings frequently influences the judge's decisions concerning child custody, alimony and child support.   

Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations are the most important aspect of any divorce proceeding.  If you are in the middle of a hostile or contentious divorce, your child's happiness may depend on the custody determination.  Using a variety of techniques including surveillance, background investigations, and witness interviews, I will discreetly document your spouse's lifestyle and questionable behaviors/activities that the court would deem as less-than-desirable.   

Post Divorce Investigations

Post Divorce Investigations include tracking down the non-custodial parent to collect child support or locating your ex to collect maintenance.  It is not uncommon for ex-spouses to attempt to hide from the financial obligations.  

Maintenance or Alimony Investigations

Maintenance or Alimony Investigations are performed to gather evidence of a change in the circumstances of one or both parties to a divorce with the purpose of raising, lowering, or eliminating payments of one party to another.  Either party (alimony paying or alimony receiving) with a legitimate claim for modification of the amount of alimony payments may start an investigation.  Maintenance and Alimony Investigations often include database and public records searches, video and photographic surveillance, cohabitation investigations, locate investigations and skip tracing.  

Cohabitation Investigations 

Cohabitation Investigations in most cases are initiated by an ex-spouse paying alimony who suspects that their ex is currently cohabiting with another person. “Cohabitation” generally refers to a person living with and having a sexual relationship with another person.  The investigation may be conducted at any time including before, during, or after divorce proceedings.  At the conclusion of my investigation, my report will include the identification of the new partner, evidence of any commingled accounts, joint property ownership, co-signed rental agreements and activities of the ex-spouse with the new partner.  Additionally, I will be available to testify in court to all court-admissible evidence including video and photographic evidence of the ex-spouse and cohabiting partner spending the night together over a reasonable period of time.  

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