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Central Illinois Private Investigations Inc. 

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Bloomington, IL 61702-5086



IL License No. 115.002323



Specializing in Criminal Defense Investigations, I have over 20 years of experience working with Criminal Defense Attorneys.  My investigative work has resulted in countless dismissals throughout the years in cases ranging from theft to murder charges. ​ The Criminal Defense Investigator is one of the most important members of the Criminal Defense team.  Utilizing my experience and knowledge, I will investigate your case to identify key witnesses,  uncover new evidence not previously discovered by law enforcement, cast doubt on the credibility of prosecutor witnesses and provide detailed investigative reports, photographic and video evidence and professional court testimony as needed.  For more than two decades, criminal defense work has been my livelihood and it remains my passion today.  

Not all Investigators are created equally! 

The Role of a Criminal Defense Investigator is one of the most important roles on the criminal defense team.  The investigator’s job is to verify and validate the investigation performed by the police department.  With that in mind, the investigator must have accumulated training and experience which would allow him or her to immediately recognize any errors or omissions that may have occurred during the investigation.  The Criminal Defense Investigator must know what the standards are!  The investigator has to talk to each witness and to review and verify all evidence, physical, recorded, video, etc., that will be used by the prosecution. In addition, the Defense Investigator has to interview all witnesses identified by the defense team.  This would include all independent witnesses and the witnesses no one knew existed. 


 A Criminal Defense Investigator must have enough self-confidence to act independently when conducting an investigation.  Making decisions during the interview process requires critical thinking that comes with experience.  Knowing when to obtain a written statement and being able to interpret pertinent statutes or policies, as it relates to the laws of evidence is essential.  Not all investigators have a specific skill or expertise, but many experienced investigators have developed detection skills which allow that person to review evidence and scientific reports to determine whether what is reported is consistent, accurate, and truthful.  It is not unusual for the investigator to detect something unusual in a report, investigate further and discover that what was reported as fact, is not accurate.  

 A Criminal Defense Investigator's job is all encompassing.  You must have some knowledge about serums and blood stains, human anatomy,crime scene reconstruction, photography, how to conduct research and locate various records, the art of conducting an interview (yes, getting people to cooperate in a criminal matter is an "art"),  some idea of firearms and how they work, the basics of arson investigations, sexual assault investigations, robbery, murder, felony assault and a host of other areas that are used on a daily basis.  And at the end of a successful investigation, ​the Criminal Defense Investigator must often take the witness stand and testify. 

Each step of the investigative process requires a specific skill set.  I can guarantee with absolute certainty that I have the expertise to bring justice to your criminal defense case.  

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