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Central Illinois Private Investigations Inc. 

P.O. Box 5086

Bloomington, IL 61702-5086



IL License No. 115.002323


Digital surveillance is used in many situations including, Domestic Relations, Infidelity Checks, Insurance/Workers Compensation Cases, Personal Welfare Checks, and Fraud Investigations.  I offer written reports, digital photography and DVD recordings of the surveillance.  I specialize in domestic investigations, child custody issues, domestic partners, parental interference and many other issues relating to family matters.  

Domestic Relations

Infidelity, marital separations, divorce or determining if your partner is faithful, require discreet care. I will carefully document the facts for you.  You deserve to know the truth.  


Place of Employment  

Locating places of employment can be frustrating and often times unreliable when relying on databases.  Employment verification is essential in determining child support or alimony especially in cases where the subject is being evasive about their employment or work schedule in an attempt to hide income.  I will confirm the subjects place of employment and will provide you with the evidence you need.     


Insurance Fraud/Workers Compensation Cases

Fraudulent Workers Compensation cases and insurance related issues can be time consuming both for the insurer and the insured.  Taking the time to understand the subject, to learn the habits and personality of the subject, will increase the chances of being able to prove or disprove the validity of a claim.  

I can assist you with witness interviews, statements, and more.  Contact me today for a free consultation.